On-Premise Phone: System & Hardware

Get More Control Over Your Phone System

With an on-premise system, you purchase the telephone system hardware, networking and server equipment necessary to run your phone system. This equipment lives "on site". 

Your calls are routed through a traditional phone company as well as through VoIP using SIP trunking. You purchase the telephone system equipment and bundled installation, and we configure, install, train and maintain this system for a low annual fee.

Have questions about On-Premise vs Hosted Phone Systems? 
See our guide to cloud-based vs on-premise PBX phone systems.

System Backbone


The UNIVERGE® SV9100 platform is a new system, with new handsets and new applications to empower your workforce. Built on the back of the award winning SV8100 technology, the SV9100 provides double the system capacity, yet remains cost effective from 10 to over 800 users.

The UNIVERGE SV9100 offers

  • Distinct, scalable, IP Unified Communications enabled solution
  • High reliability
  • Simplified user licensing
  • Comprehensive suite of Unified Communications and Contact Center solutions
  • Broad range of mobility applications and devices
  • Vertical market-specific solution integrations
  • Wide-range of end-points
  • Single point configuration and management
  • Multi-Line SIP client, multi-carrier support

Advanced Features

  • Versatile architecture - works as an IP system, digital system or a combination of the two
  • Modular architecture for exceptional scalability – cost effective from 10 to 800+
  • One of the most easily configured Unified Communications systems on the market
  • User-friendly management interface streamlines system administration
  • Easy migration from UNIVERGE SV8100 and SV8300


UNIVERGE SV9100: Brochure | Data sheet

Reinvent the Desktop Telephone: The UT880 from NEC


Communication continues to evolve each day – and to keep up, so must your desktop telephone. The increasing technological innovations of smartphones and tablets has led to the creation of a new breed of desktop phone. NEC’s new UNIVERGE UT880 integrates the traditional desktop telephone and an Android tablet into one device that provides you with an innovative, feature-packed desktop phone that revolutionizes your user experience.

NEC’s UNIVERGE UT880 takes it to the next level by offering: 

  • A full seven-inch color display with four-finger multi-touch capabilities
  • UNIVERGE Multi-Line client that emulates any NEC telephone
  • Full SV9100 platform voice functionality and hands-free speakerphone
  • Multiple login support
  • Integrated Bluetooth capability
  • Built-in camera for video conferencing
  • Android OS support
  • Open interface for application development
  • USB port

More Desktop Phone Options from NEC


Tthe UNIVERGE SV9100 platform supports the latest range of NEC desktop and mobile endpoints, including the UNIVERGE® DT800/DT400 series terminals, voice over WLAN and IP and Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telephone (DECT) mobile handsets. 

Call from your Desk Phone

For those interested in keeping handsets stationary: 
NEC’s innovative desktop endpoint design is intended to deliver maximum deployment flexibility, while modularity allows for multiple combinations that fit any and all business niches or personalization requirements. 

Call from your Mobile Phone

For those interested in providing a mobile handset:
NEC’s WLAN and DECT telephones give your employees secure, crystal-clear communications as they roam about your company’s premises or anywhere else there is coverage, while providing all of the features and functionality of a desktop phone with standard mobile enhancements such as text messaging, push-to-talk, programmable keys, and integration with third party applications.


  • Modular construction
    The interchangeable design provides easy and cost-effective upgrades, helping to future-proof your investments
  • Customizable design
    Choose from a range of add-on line key modules, faceplates, LCDs, keypads and even printable side panels
  • Customizable function keys
    Can be adapted to the exact individual requirements of your business
  • User-friendly interface
    Little or no staff training required
  • Wireless Adapter
    Allows placement of telephones anywhere within range of wireless network

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