At Interwest Communications, we take a different approach than others when seeking to serve your needs.

We know that the decision to purchase shouldn't be rushed. Therefore, rather than simply selling you something, we believe it is our responsibility to take the position of a partner and consultant. It is  important for all of us to understand what problems need to be addressed, what the actual business needs are, and what goals must be accomplished.

We also understand the importance of working within your timeline. Some compaines may require immediate purchase options, while others are still just in the planning stages. We will ask for a little more involvement from you during this process, but our aim is to help you realize the greatest return on your investment.

The Sales Process

1. Understanding

As a partner we need to not only understand what you need but why you need it. We must:

  1. Understand how communications technology can support your current and long term businesses objectives.
  2. Assess which communications tools will best increase efficiencies and improve effectiveness.
  3. Understand your current and future network infrastructure requirements so we can design a system to fit your needs, and leverage today's available communications technology.

2. Design Development

Our Partners (customers) rely on Interwest to design a system that will not only support their current goals and initiatives but allow for change, growth and adaptation to conform to their future business goals. As partners, we approach system design as a collaborative effort between the decision makers, their IT staff, third party vendors and service carriers. We will design a system that supports your business communications needs for many years to come.

3. Planning

Together, we will develop a plan to coordinate any infrastructure upgrades or changes, extension mapping and training schedules. Many customers take advantage or our knowledge and allow us to contact their service carriers to coordinate changes to their service. Once the plan is complete, the system implementation will cause minimal disruption to business operations.


4. Implementation

Most system programming is completed in advance at one of our offices to minimize on-site installation time. This includes programming voicemail systems, extensions, buttons, and labeling phones. All to minimize business disruption. After programming is complete, the system is tested and ready for installation. After the system is installed (and sometimes before), training sessions will be scheduled for each employee. We pride ourselves on how we train and what each of our customers learn during our training sessions.

5. Optimization

The beauty of today's technology is it can usually do more for us than we had originally planned. During our optimization step, we revisit your company and assess how effective the original plan turned out to be, and identify any opportunities for improvements. As stated during the understanding step, our goal is to help you not only solve a current problem but to identify potential efficiencies and improve effectiveness through the use of our communications solutions and company.

The Next Step.

So you've read through our process and know what to expect. Now that you're ready to get started …