How to Secure Windows

How to Secure Windows


How to Secure Windows

The best location for your business is not always the best location for security. A busy street with plenty of foot traffic may also be a busy street with local hooligans. Depending on your city and neighborhood, it’s perfectly reasonable to take precautions in order to protect your business windows from damage and criminal intent.

However, you also want to maintain the attractive curb appeal of your commercial property. Bars on the windows may have a negative look, but you might be surprised just how many ways there are to secure your windows while maintaining your curb appeal.


Unbreakable Windows

If you would like your window security to be completely invisible, you can choose to install windows designed to be unbreakable and window frames that are designed to be resistant to typical prying damage.

Reinforced Security Glass

Reinforced security glass is made from layers of polyacrylic and toughened glass, so that it is both extremely hard to crack and will maintain integrity even after several severe impacts. This can ensure that if your windows are hit by accident or on purpose, that the glass is less likely to break through and therefore will be more likely to protect your business from a successful break-in.

Security Window Films

You can also add a protective film to your existing window glass. Security film does the same thing as the polyacrylic of security windows by preventing shattered glass from falling, maintaining window integrity even after an impact.

Secure Pry Proof Window Frames

One common mistake in securing a facility is to rely on solid-core doors and security glass alone. However, the security of your door and window frames may also play a role. Security window frames (and door frames) are secured directly to your structural studs and are much more difficult to remove or kick in when your security glass does not give way.


Decorative Window Bar Designs

If you want to put bars on the windows, they don’t have to look like bars on the windows. There are two very attractive and subtle ways to protect your window glass with iron without the look of aggressive window bars. Instead, you can actually enhance your business curb appeal with a stylish new window design.

Artificial Muntin Bars

Muntin bars were once the grid used to turn smaller panes of glass into full-sized windows. This creates that elegant traditional look of diamond-pane windows that were popular in the 1800s. Square muntins create a charming cottage window look. While we don’t need muntins anymore, artificial muntins are a subtle and attractive way to reinforce your windows with thin metal bars while giving the appearance of a stylish window renovation.

Secure Iron Window Decor

If you want something more substantial, look into decorative iron security window designs. Alongside iron security doors, these works of art feature designs like starbursts or winding floral motifs that function effectively as window bars without looking like window bars. These iron window designs can be truly beautiful, enhancing the artistic value of your business exterior while also protecting your windows from unwanted intruders.


Unapproachable Landscaping

A third option is to craft your landscaping to deter anyone who might approach your windows. Dense and thorny hedges are a popular choice, but the most effective are thorny bushes that are somewhat more chaotic and harder to push through than well-behaved hedges.

You can also place an iron fenceline along your flowerbeds, close to the building. This can make it more difficult to approach your building and highly uncomfortable to cross the fenceline or to get through windows that should never need to be opened, but leave your grounds attractive and nicely curated for visitors who have no reason to approach the windows.


Advanced Security Systems

Of course, with an advanced security system, you will not need extensive window or property upgrades. Security systems are also a good overall choice if your property is located in a busy location where there is an increased risk of unlawful activities.

Cameras and Motion Detection

Protect your entire property with camera monitoring and motion detectors. Cameras allow you to keep track of everything that happens throughout the property, wherever a camera is placed. Clearly posted cameras and floodlights can significantly reduce the risks of unwanted behavior on your property, as malicious actors will know they are in clear view.

Motion detection has the added benefit of creating alarms and alerts when significant movement happens around your property, particularly after hours. A motion detector can tell you if anyone closely approaches your windows without the need for window bars.

Laser Aperture Breach Detection

There are also several types of sensors that will set off your security alarm if a window is ever breached. One option is laser aperture detection. Used for any aperture, laser breach detection works much in the same way as an automatic garage door safety feature. A laser sender and receiver are placed along each window, just against the glass on either side of the pane. If anything interrupts the laser by breaking or crossing the window, the alarm will go off.

Magnetic Open Window Detection

If you have windows that open and you would prefer that they stay closed, magnetic detectors will send an alarm if the magnet over the window’s opening mechanism is disconnected. This is a common type of protection used in homes with toddlers to alert parents in case small children have opened an upstairs window.

Glass Break Detectors

Glass break detectors are a sonic defense that can hear the sound of breaking glass for any window when placed near the center of a room. This will protect your business in the event that a window is broken or partially broken by accident or intent.


Comprehensive Business Security Solutions with Interwest Communications

Protecting your business is always a top priority. As security specialists, Interwest Communications can help you build a comprehensive business security solution, from securing your windows to security cameras and alarm protection for your entire property. Contact us today to explore the best security defenses for your business property while ensuring that your curb appeal remains as attractive and welcoming as ever.