How to Shop for the Best Internet Phone System for Your Business

How to Shop for the Best Internet Phone System for Your Business


How to Shop for the Best Internet Phone System for Your Business

Experts have pointed out that the pandemic accelerated the shift to digital internet-dependent commerce by more than five years. More and more businesses are shifting their workflows to be internet-dependent. The popularity of remote work has exploded and many businesses have adopted a hybrid work system. It is more important now than ever to have a strong and unified phone system in addition to data networking technologies and services, network security, and cloud services.

So, how do you shop for the best internet phone service for your business? Read on for details.

Best Internet Phone System 9 Factors to Consider When Shopping for the Best Internet Phone Service for Your Business

The need for reliable internet phone services is undeniably popular following the Covid-19 upsurge, with most professionals adopting remote work solutions.

Regardless of the type and size of your business, you cannot underestimate the need for the internet when using VoIP systems. Here are things that should inform your decision about a preferred provider.

  • Costs
  • Reliability 
  • Type of connection
  • Speed
  • Versatility and agility
  • Quality services
  • Features and third-party integration
  • Security 
  • Customer support

Let’s look at how each factor determines the choice of one phone network for business. 

1. Costs

VoIP network services are provided at various costs; no business wants to incur extra expenses, and that’s why pricing plans matter before acquiring networks. The best package should be within your budget and effectively meet your needs.

While thinking about the costs, cheaper plans might mean fewer features. Be sure to find out if the desired internet plan meets your needs without compromising effectiveness, such as those of Interwest Communications.

2. Reliability

Before acquiring one, you should find out how reliable an internet phone service is. Vendors should give you emergency solutions, like when the system stops working. For example, you should automatically switch to landline calls or a designated mobile number.

The reliable internet is essential for productivity. You could have the best internet connection, like 5G, but lack of backup protocols can complicate everything, and you may incur losses in extreme scenarios.

Find a provider like Interwest Communications, with protocols that will not fail; check for tools that will ensure your phones will work and have tools to keep your data safe.

3. Type of Connection

Every business owner will be looking for fast internet service; you can only get this depending on the type of connection you use. You cannot deliver high-quality calls and services if you use phone networks with low connections.

4. Speed

With WFH (work from home) becoming popular, there’s no doubt that businesses have to adopt strategies that will help them make the most out of this requirement. Your location significantly determines how fast the internet speed is.

The number of staff you hire also determines the bandwidth; some business owners may be lucky to get excellent fiber connections of over 1000 Mbps per second. It can work if you are not working in remote locations.

You should know that the speed advertised may not be what the internet phone service provider offers. It’s best to get recommendations from neighboring businesses.

5. Versatility & Agility

Businesses are bound to grow and change. Will your internet phone service provider streamline the developments? We recommend a provider with tools that seamlessly integrate with new developments, such as data sharing.

Ideally, having agile multiple dialing options should be helpful when using VoIP. Look for providers with versatile features to keep your business abreast with the latest trends, such as video conferencing.

6. Quality Services

Hybrid work needs quality internet services. You’ll need a reliable internet phone system for calling, video conferencing, and executing other business services.

Fortunately, most VoIP services have modern technologies that provide HD quality audio for calls and videos. Check out if you can make clear calls using the specific provider before deciding.

7. Features & Third-Party Integration

Finding the right internet phone service provider for your business can not be complete unless the plan has features that seamlessly integrate with your business.

  • What tools does the provider have, and how do they work?
  • Do the features need a one-time fee, or must you incur recurring costs? Your vendor should advise you accordingly before getting the package.
  • Also, ask how the internet phone service integrates with third-party systems like ERP and CRM. Find out how the existing systems can work with mobile applications and other tools.

Start familiarizing yourself with the features you should look for in a business system. The best VoIP internet phone service provider should have customizable features to match different business needs.

  1. Security 

Data is a vital component of any organization, and data security is of the utmost importance, especially with the increase in remote work and the remote work security risks that come with it. You must understand business security threats that may result from using sub-standard VoIP. Such internet service providers make you susceptible to risks that threaten your stability.

A vendor is responsible for implementing encryption systems to ensure hackers cannot access your data –find out how they implement network security in their solution.

9. Customer Support

You can never settle on a VoIP plan if you cannot get quick help when emergencies occur. Technical challenges will occur, but it will be useless to settle on that provider if you cannot mitigate them. It will be best to find a provider with prompt help services through 24/7 live chat or phone calls, such as that of Interwest Communications.

FAQs About VoIP

There are a lot of people who have questions about VoIP and whether it’s a good fit for them, and Interwest and answers.

Is VoIP Worth it for a Small Business?

Any business should have VoIP, regardless of its size, and needs VoIP for seamless services. The good thing about it is that setting the system up doesn’t require tech expertise, making it easier for anyone on a budget to use it. All you need to get started is a reliable internet connection and excellent bandwidth.

How Many Mbps Do I Need for My Business?

What type of internet connection do businesses use to stay constantly connected to the internet?

The type of internet connection varies from one business to another. However, cable internet may be uploading for accessing files (downloading and uploading). It is reliable with excellent speeds, even for video communications. If you are looking for a cheaper plan, a shared network might be viable for cost-sharing options.

How Much is VoIP Monthly?

VoIP pricing depends on the plan you choose. The most basic plans start from as low as $20, while those with advanced features could be anywhere from $50. Interwest offers Professional and Premium VoIP phone packages. We can customize a plan to fit your business, or you can choose from one of our standard plans.


Find the Best Internet Phone Service for Your Business!

As an entrepreneur, choosing the best phone systems for your business can determine your success. It goes beyond internet connection to delivering top-notch services.

With the above factors, you are better informed to choose the best internet phone service for your home. Regardless of what type of internet phone system or advanced features you’re looking for, Interwest Communications has the tools, knowledge, and experience to meet your business’s communication needs in a cost-effective package. Get in touch with us today!